CCVisu: A Tool for Visual Graph Clustering
and General Force-Directed Graph Layout

Software Systems Lab - Univerisity of Passau, Bavaria, Germany


Co-change visualization is a lightweight method for computing clustering layouts of software systems for which the change history is available. The tool implementation CCVisu extracts the co-change graph from a CVS or SVN version repository, and computes a clustering layout based on energy models, which positions the artifacts of the software system in a two- or three-dimensional space. Two artifacts are positioned closed together in the layout if they were often changed together.

Download / Installation

Check out from SVN repository:
Browse our Trac web site: (same account as for SVN access)
SVN mirror available at Google Code: (read-only check-out)

Download Java sources, jar file, and example data

FSF Free Software Directory:

Mailing Lists

We provide mailing lists for the CCVisu project.
A description of the mailing lists and how to subscribe can be found in the file Mailing.txt in the project trunk.
For installation questions, bug reports, and suggestions, please send email to CCVisu (the domain is always



Full references and electronic versions of the papers are available at our Publications page.

Author: Dirk Beyer, my project pages: BLAST, CCVisu, Chic, CPAchecker, CrocoPat, CSIsat, Rabbit

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